Board of Directors

OTC has a Board of Directors made up from member companies.

Directors appointed from the member companies are required to advise and instruct Oldham Training Centre on behalf of its members and they are also trustees to the charity. 

The Board appoints a Chairman and a Vice Chairman on an annual basis. 

The Board meets on a quarterly basis or as business needs require. An annual general meeting is held each year to approve the Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet and to appoint or re-appoint Directors and Officers for the following year. All member companies are notified of the annual general meeting and any extraordinary meetings which may be called and are requested to send a representative to vote on issues at the meeting.

The Board is responsible for all major business decisions such as finance, investment, policy and the future direction of the business. These business decisions are communicated to the Chief Executive who is then responsible with the Senior Managers for ensuring employees meet the objectives set.