Apprenticeships are an 'earn while you learn' alternative to college that offer the opportunity for you to achieve a nationally recognised qualification whilst gaining experience of a working environment. The hands on training of an Apprenticeship will help develop many skills you need to carry through your working career. click here for more information.

In order to commence on the programme you must be in employment and we can assist you in finding a placement in a company best suited to your chosen career. Once in employment you will attend Oldham Training Centre on a release basis where you will work towards your Apprenticeship framework. The Training Assessors at the centre will also visit you in the company to monitor your progress and make sure you are happy with your course.

What Does it Include?

The framework consists of at least 3 elements; NVQ, Technical Certificate and Functional Skills which have to be completed as part of the Apprenticeship. NVQ's are the practical side of learning where you will be 'hands-on' in the workplace building up your skills. For the Apprenticeship framework you will complete an NVQ level 2 which is equivalent to 5 GCSEs. The Advanced Apprenticeship then allows you to complete an NVQ level 3, equivalent to an A level. Technical Certificate's focuses on the knowledge and understanding which underpins the NVQ competences and additional knowledge to facilitate progression to higher levels of working. Each learner completes an externally marked online test.


Please see the listed vacancies document below, or directly download. 

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What Apprenticeships do OTC deliver?
Apprentice benefits and discounts
      OTC apprentices are now eligible to apply for the NUS Apprentice card which gives them unique access to a wide range of benefits and discounts in a number of shopping, entertainment stores and food outlets including Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Cineworld, Superdrug, Oasis, Coast to name a few.

The NUS Apprentice card has been launched in partnership with Group Training Association in which OTC is a member of along with 26 other providers / colleges across the country.

If you are an Apprentice with OTC you are eligible to apply for the card by logging onto:

For a full list of the benefits and discounts click on the file above, please email Linda Norton at or telephone 0161 624 5360 if you require further information.

What are the entry requirements?


GCSEs grade A to D in Maths 
GCSEs grade A to D in English

Additional Science or I.T based  GCSEs at grades A to D are desirable.

Business Administration / Customer Service

GCSEs grade A to D in Maths 
GCSEs grade A to D in English

What happens next?

If your son or daughter is interested in starting work and they are keen to learn some skills and gain valuable qualifications, then an apprenticeship may be the right route for them.

How many times have we heard a young person say “I have my college qualifications but I can’t get a job because I have no experience”……….  

Apprenticeships are the solution because your son or daughter will:

·       earn a salary from day one

·       get paid holidays

·       receive training both on and off the job

·       gain qualifications leading to advancement (if desired) as far as degree level

·       learn job-specific skills needed by Employers.


Employers want skills and experience – this is what an Apprenticeship provides.    At OTC, your son or daughter will achieve a technical qualification and a work based qualification. The dual nature of apprenticeships means young people are able to gain a more expert grasp of their field. In addition, general education can be incorporated into apprenticeships so that gaps in literacy, numeracy and ICT skills can be filled.

Young people will often commence at an apprenticeship at the intermediate level – this lays down the building blocks for the skills and technical knowledge they will need in order to progress to an advanced level.   

As part of the advanced apprenticeship programme, your son or daughter will complete level 3 qualifications.  The NVQ Level 3 is the work based qualification that is completed in the workplace, documented by the employer.  This is the key qualification which proves your son or daughter has developed the skills and experience employers require in today’s highly competitive environment.    At the end of the Apprenticeship, your son or daughter will be qualified in the sector he/she wants to work in.   

Apprenticeships also build character and employability skills. As well as providing highly valuable practical learning opportunities, the exposure to the  practices and expectations of a profession develops  skills like   team working, problem solving, decision making, motivation, using initiative and collaborating with others.      In other words, apprenticeships also build the ‘transferable skills’ that many employers tell us are currently lacking in young adults. 

OTC offer a range of apprenticeships in Engineering, Business and Administration and Customer Service. For more information, please contact us.

If your son or daughter is not ready for an apprenticeship – perhaps they did not get the GCSE grades required – then why not ask us about our Engineering Traineeships.   These short programmes are stepping stones to an apprenticeship or employment.


How we work with you:

Apprenticeships are work-based learning programmes which incorporate several different qualifications into an overall framework, including Competence and Knowledge based elements to teach practical skills as well as developing knowledge and understanding of processes being used.

Our training advisors will come to your workplace, at a time agreed with you to ensure minimal disruption to your business, and your employee will attend Oldham Training Centre part-time to learn the theory underpinning their job.  As an employer, you will receive regular updates on how your member of staff is progressing on their programme.  Your employee will learn while working to build his or her knowledge and skills, gaining qualifications and experience.  Apart from the NVQ, he or she may also complete a technical certificate and functional skill qualifications.

There are different levels of Apprenticeship available but they all lead to nationally recognised qualifications tailored to meet industry standards.  Apprenticeships can now be taken at any age from 16+, meaning that they are available to all employees.