OTC Engineering Apprentice Profile

Adrianne Dineley of Ferranti Technologies

“My name is Adrianne and I am 19 years old.  I went to Oasis Academy (formally known as South Chadderton) and I am now working at Ferranti Technologies in Oldham. I have been working here for 3 years and 3 months as an Apprentice Engineer.

I first became interested in Engineering when our school trialled both academic and vocational courses and chose to do a BTEC in Engineering along with my GCSE’s in Maths, English and Science, amongst other subjects.

I came to OTC after leaving school and they put me forward for the opportunity at Ferranti.  OTC has been a great place to learn and the support from our tutor, Barry Boardman has been fantastic.  We feel we are really benefitting from his knowledge and experience.  My other tutor, Mike Pugh, is also really helpful and makes sure he provides enough time to support me.

My BTEC is due to finish in December 2016, however, it is progressing really well so we are aiming to complete by the end of July.  I have discussed future opportunities with my support team at Ferranti about the possibility of working in New Product Introduction once my BTEC is complete.  We are also considering the possibility of me progressing to HNC but will decide at a later date and dependent on my BTEC results and career aspirations.  The team at FTL has made sure I am aware of all options open to me and we have a really good working relationship.

Since starting at Ferranti, we have often discussed the low numbers of females working in engineering, despite the fact that many of my male colleagues have shared positive experiences they have when working with female Engineers.  Many of them have commented that female Engineers often demonstrate better organisational skills and have witnessed the benefits as a result of better attention to detail, amongst other positive aspects.  Since my recruitment, FTL have taken on another female apprentice within the IT team and hope this helps to demonstrate that opportunities do exist for females in Engineering and will ultimately help to encourage more females to consider Engineering as a career.

As my experience has developed I have taken on more technically challenging activities and for the last 2 years I have been working on one of the largest projects within the business, which involves dealing with FTL Management and Engineering teams, also liaising with Customer Engineering teams.

I enjoy working at FTL.  It can be very challenging at times but I have developed the skills and confidence to undertake the tasks given and to deal with people at a senior level because I am always well supported by the team at FTL.

My commitment and hard work is recognised and regularly praised.  I am now looking forward to the new challenges and projects in 2016 and the opportunity to gain more experience, enabling me to continue along my Engineering career path, with a goal of moving into Technical Project Management.”

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