This is a time when parents inevitably worry about their son or daughter making the right choice of course to follow after their GCSEs.

We want to help you and your son or daughter make the right choice for the future.  We think that it’s important that you get the information you need, and the opportunity to explore different options before making such an important decision.

Oldham Training Centre believe that we offer very high standards of education and support for young people, whatever their area of study.  Staff go the extra mile to work with our students to ensure they achieve their full potential.  Our success rates are 89.4%.  This is achieved in partnership with parents and families, and by the hard work of staff and learners.  We hope that, when you have explored all the options, you will feel able to trust Oldham Training Centre to take your son or daughter on the next stage of their journey as they start to achieve their true potential.