Parents and Guardians

If your son or daughter is interested in starting work and they are keen to learn some skills and gain valuable qualifications, then an apprenticeship may be the right route for them.

How many times have we heard a young person say:

“I have my college qualifications but I can’t get a job because I have no experience…”

Apprenticeships are the solution because your son or daughter will:

  • earn a salary from day one
  • get paid holidays
  • receive training both on and off the job
  • gain qualifications leading to advancement (if desired) as far as degree level
  • learn job-specific skills needed by Employers.

Employers want skills and experience – this is what an Apprenticeship provides. At OTC, your son or daughter will achieve technical and a work based qualifications. The dual nature of apprenticeships means young people are able to gain a more expert grasp of their field. In addition, general education can be incorporated into apprenticeships so that gaps in literacy, numeracy and ICT skills can be filled.

Young people will often commence at an apprenticeship at the intermediate level – this lays down the building blocks for the skills and technical knowledge they will need in order to progress to an advanced level.

Apprenticeships also build character and employability skills. As well as providing highly valuable practical learning opportunities, the exposure to the practices and expectations of a profession develops skills like   team working, problem solving, decision making, motivation, using initiative and collaborating with others. In other words, apprenticeships also build the ‘transferable skills’ that many employers tell us are currently lacking in young adults.