Morgan Perkin – Apprenticeship Case Study

Morgan Perkin is currently one of our Apprentices on a Welding Apprenticeship, working at Elcometer. He is currently working through the NVQ3 welding units within the Level 3 Standard.

The main reason that influenced Morgan to choose an Apprenticeship instead of going into full time work was the training and qualifications he will achieve. ‘’If you go directly into a job, you’re looking at earning minimum wage which I’m not interested in, with this Apprenticeship the more you learn the more you earn.’’

As Morgan didn’t receive the results he had hoped for when sitting his GCSE’s, he looked at this Apprenticeship as a second chance. One of the main benefits of doing an Apprenticeship so far is that he has formed a closer relationship with his manager as he has been speaking with them more and working closer together on planning out what he can do after finishing current units and having the best Apprenticeship experience for himself.

Morgan’s day-to-day job is focused on blast pots however as he is also the welder at work, he can do the smallest jobs to the biggest. ‘’I’m a first aider and forklift driver; I am trained on every piece of equipment that I can be trained on, apart from a fire marshal and the reason being they thought I had too many responsibilities!’’.

Before he started his Apprenticeship, Morgan had no knowledge of what he now does in the industry. ‘’What I think helped with that was being put in a class full of people who are doing the exact same work, allowing me to always compare my work and transfer skills with others, I did not know how to set up a welding machine, but I was taught how to while at OTC. You gain confidence by setting something up by yourself, being given the time and space to learn and not being forced to do it in front of the whole class’’.

As a result of the training received both in OTC and at work, Morgan is competent on most of the equipment and processes within the blasting area. ‘’Elcometer have provided me with everything I’ve needed for my Apprenticeship such as equipment, paperwork and putting me on training courses that help me through the Apprenticeship. My tutors have also gone out of their way to help, taking in our opinions on how we can better our work. Compared to my last Apprenticeship, I am receiving up to date work that can help me with things I’m struggling with’’.

Morgan’s advice to anyone thinking about doing an Apprenticeship is to just do it! ‘’I try to persuade my own friends to do an apprenticeship themselves because as long as you are willing to work and you have a plan of what you want to achieve, the better the benefits are. Don’t be afraid of change.”

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